At age 13, I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. I was passionate about medicine and was fascinated when the local veterinarian came out to our farm to treat our horses and dogs. The minute I got my driver’s license, I knew I wanted to volunteer at a clinic to learn more about this field. The only clinic that would take volunteers was the small animal emergency clinic 25 minutes away. I walked in the clinic and fell in love. There was a team in the surgery room removing a foreign body, and a bulldog with a shredded and bloody tongue from licking a barbed-wire fence sitting on one of the treatment sinks. I watched in fascination as the technicians sedated the bulldog and the doctor sutured the tongue back together. I volunteered there for a year until they hired me, and I never looked back. I LOVED going to work and learning about the cases and disease processes. The team was also very welcoming and accommodating to my curiosity.

After 8 years of schooling (while working at several veterinary clinics throughout that time), I finally obtained my veterinary license. I knew I wanted to work in emergency medicine. I craved the high pressure and adrenaline-filled atmosphere. I also loved the challenging medicine and surgeries. Diley Hill Animal Emergency Clinic was my first official job after veterinary school, and I hope never to leave here. The team I work with is passionate and driven. They care about their patients as well as the other technicians and doctors. A big part of my job is also educating clients and sometimes acting as a counselor for owners who are faced with hard choices involving the lives of their pets. I learn something new every single day, whether it is about updated medicine, a new recommendation on food, or people’s stories about how much their pet means to them. This career is stimulating and fascinating, and I cannot imagine doing anything else.