This time of year, the temperature is warm, the sun is shining, and we are outside with our pets more. Whether it be a walk in your neighborhood, a fun romp around at the local dog park, hiking on trails, or playing outside in your yard, pets have lots of opportunities to be outside enjoying the company of their families. But what happens if your pets get separated from you? What happens if they get lost? Pet parents that have lost a pet know just how scary that can be!

Here are some action steps to help you reunite with your fur family members.

  • Get your pets microchipped AND registered. Microchipping is a great idea, but it is ineffective if your pet is not registered. Registering your pets with the microchipping company is critically important to getting pets home sooner. The registration identifies you as the owner and allows the microchipping company access to your telephone number to contact you. Remember to update your information if you move or change numbers.
  • Keep up-to-date and legible tags on your pet. If your pet is found or turned into an animal shelter, it is easier to find you and reunite you to your pet.
  • Post on Pet FBI. This is a website dedicated to finding lost pets. On the flip side, if you find a lost pet, you can post them on the Pet FBI website so owners can find them. (
  • Share a post on your local Facebook page of your missing pet. Oftentimes other people in your neighborhood will help look for your pet too.
  • Call your local shelters or humane societies daily. Give them a description of your pet and your contact information.
  • Post signs when allowed in your area to raise awareness of your missing pet. As a courtesy, remember to take them down after your pet has been found.