How To Proactively Prepare For a Pet Emergency
Rona Shapiro, M.S., D.V.M.

In honor of Pet First Aid Month, Diley Hill Animal Emergency Center encourages all pet
owners to prepare in advance for a pet emergency. We are hosting free Pet First Aid Clinics for all community members to help pet owners be prepared for their pet’s health issues. We see thousands of pet emergencies every year and our statistics support that most pets will experience one to two emergencies in a life time. Here are the important tips to help you be prepared.

Learn Pet First Aid
Diley Hill Animal Emergency Center is holding eight free Pet First Aid Seminars at various branches of the Columbus Metropolitan Library during the month of April ( Please visit our website to get information about these and future Pet Health Seminars.

Have A Pet First Aid Kit
Keep a pet first aid kit at home (and in your car if you go out often with your pet). Not only should you have first aid supplies, but also a copy of your pet’s vaccinations, medication list, microchip number, and health history with your kit. For a full list of recommended supplies, see our blog on pet first aid or attend one of our seminars being held though fall 2019.

Keep Important Phone Numbers Readily Available
Phone numbers to have on hand include your veterinarian, 24 hour emergency practice such as Diley Animal Emergency Center (614-829-6444), Pet Poison Control (888-426-4435), Pet Poison Help Line (800-213-6680).

Know Where To Go For An Emergency
Many family veterinarians are equipped to handle an emergency. However, most are not open over night and have limited weekend hours. Find out where the 24 hour emergency veterinarians are located. Diley Hill Animal Emergency Center is open 24 hours a day, everyday at 9695 Basil Western Rd. Canal Winchester, OH.

Be Financially Prepared
Since most pets are likely to have at least one emergency in their lifetime, budget each month for that likely emergency or consider pet health insurance.