Financial Assistance

Care Credit

CareCredit is a third party financing company that offers financial assistance for human and animal medical expenses. It is revolving credit. Any charges over $200 qualify for a 6 month interest free payment plan. Simply apply from your computer or smartphone. If you decide to use this form of payment, you must bring two forms of identification with you when using at Diley Hill Animal Emergency.

Family & Friends

If you have friends or family that are able to assist you financially with your pet’s care, we gladly accept payment over the phone. Please note the following terms and conditions of this third party payment. We are required to follow these guidelines in order to facilitate this payment option.

i. The individual paying for your pet’s care MUST contact one of our client service representatives (CSR) and give verbal permission to use their card. During the conversation, our CSR will ask for the card number, expiration date, and the CVV code.

ii. The individual paying for your pet’s care MUST provide us with valid written permission specifying who can use their card, what animal it can be used for, and any financial parameters including maximums charge amounts they authorize.

iii. The individual paying for your pet’s care MUST provide 2 valid forms of identification (such as driver’s license and copy of the credit card being used for charges). Additionally, they MUST also provide us with their full name, address and telephone number.

iv. Don’t be overwhelmed! Diley Hill Animal Emergency CSR’s are trained to help walk you and your friends and family through the entire process.

Cash Advance

There are several cash advance businesses located close to our facility. Diley Hill Animal Emergency is not involved in these transactions. Transactions are between the lending company and the individual accepting the loan ONLY.