About Dr.Tim Burdsall

Dr. Timothy Burdsall is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He grew up in Massachusetts and earned his Bachelor's degree at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dr. Burdsall moved to Ohio 4 years ago to pursue his veterinary degree and fell in love with Ohio from the hills of Hocking County to the many microbreweries and eateries. He developed a passion for emergency medicine while in vet school which lead him to a career at Diley Hil Animal Emergency Center. In addition to emergency medicine Dr. Burdsall has a professional interest in surgery, behavior medicine, and the importance of the human animal bond. Growing up in Massachusetts, Dr. Burdsall has a farming and rural medicine background and enjoys seeing all animals that are brought into him. When Dr. Burdsall is not working at Diley, you can find him at one of Ohio's many Metro Parks running or hiking with his dog, Petey. He is an avid board and card game player and loves watching football on Sundays - Go Bucks and Go Pats! Dr. Burdsall is also a Chopped enthusiast and loves to try new recipes! We're so happy to have him as part of our medical team to provide quality care for both you and your pet.

Noise Phobia

Meet Olive: Olive is a 6-year-old female spayed Corgi who is fearful of thunderstorms. Olive is the perfect dog in all other senses, well behaved, great with other dogs and people, loves going to breweries, on hikes, and belly rubs. She gets into mischief, as Corgis do, and most recently decided to take a self-guided [...]

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Ocular Proptosis

It usually starts as a nice visit from a family member or friend with their dog and yours. Unfortunately, not all dogs get along, much like people, and for your brachycephalic dog (having a relatively broad, short skull like pugs or shih tzu breeds) this can result in their already larger than life eyes finding [...]

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Seasonal Allergies

As a dog owner, there is nothing that ruins a night of sleep like my dog constantly itching, shaking his head, and shifting all night. These are all too common occurrences at every seasonal change for myself and many others. Dogs, like people, suffer from seasonal allergies and like people, these allergies can result in [...]

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